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Medical issues happen. Whether it’s a cough or an injury, you will need to see a doctor at some point. Depending on the problem, you may find yourself asking whether you should visit the ER or a Vidalia urgent care center. For most common health issues, you can skip the ER and head to the right urgent care.

Shorter Wait Times & Faster Service

The worst part about visiting any health care facility is the wait time. Your normal doctor’s office may have you wait a few weeks before you can be seen. No one wants to wait for days or even weeks for their General Practitioner. The ER can have you waiting hours depending on your condition and how busy the ER is at the time as well.

When you visit our Vidalia urgent care center, you can be seen in a matter of minutes. There are also much shorter wait times than your doctor or ER. Unlike your local ER, most urgent care centers will tell you current wait times on the website. By checking in online, you can see a doctor much faster than anywhere else.

Urgent Care is Much Less Expensive

The most important thing to consider when choosing between the ER and urgent care is the cost. Your typical urgent care visit can range from $100-$200, while your emergency room visit could cost over $1,000 for the same treatment. Your local urgent care is likely to be considered in-network with your health insurance provider, making a quick visit more cost-effective. Depending on your situation, there are times when an urgent care visit can even be cheaper than seeing your primary care doctor.

Urgent Cares in Vidalia are More Convenient

One of the best things about urgent care facilities is that they are most often much closer to you than your area’s emergency room. Urgent care centers are placed in high traffic areas of town. A quick search will usually turn up urgent cares very close by. Many urgent care centers are now offering virtual visits using your phone or computer. This makes access to urgent care more convenient than ever.

Urgent Cares Offer Services You Need

Urgent care facilities are equipped with everything they need to treat patients with minor injuries and illnesses. This allows them to treat more patients and to provide a higher level of care. While you wouldn’t want to visit an urgent care center for a life-threatening injury, you can still see them in less serious cases. Most people will visit an urgent care for a cold or flu bug, minor injuries, or stomach problems. What many don’t know is they can also treat things like broken bones or injuries requiring stitches. Also, many urgent care facilities have in-house pharmacies and x-ray facilities to help speed up care.

Need to See a Doctor? Visit Us!

When you need to see a doctor and want to avoid long wait times, come visit Total Urgent Care Vidalia. We also have a location in Cut Off, Louisiana in case you are in that area. Simply check-in online to avoid wait times or schedule a virtual visit with one of our physicians.